What Organic Products to Use for Your Baby

Organic Products to Use for Your Baby

So your baby’s color is not pink or blue; it is green. Assuming that you are a price conscious consumer it can be hard to choose which products to buy from mainstream manufactures and which to buy from organic eco friendly companies. Certainly many parents would choose to purchase all natural and all organic baby care items- but sometimes it is just not practical. So where is a priority list? Which are most important? Much like the “Dirty Dozen” foods that you should try and eat organic- is there a baby product list that is comparable? If there is point me too it- I have not seen one, but here are things as I see them.

It is important for Mama to consume organic food if she is planning on nursing. What Mama eats is passed to baby- so if your primary reason for choosing green is to limit the effects of chemicals on your infant- this would be a key way to start. I would also opt for BPA free baby feeding products such as bottles, sippies, and later baby food.

Another important area to choose natural and organic products is baby skin care. Infants have delicate and sensitive skin chemicals can irritate it (full disclosure- so can natural products if the baby is allergic). But bathing in chemicals and then lotioning up in chemicals is pretty darn unappealing. So I would look for organic products here as well.

In terms of clothes and diapers; I use cloth diapers. Some are organic and some are not. For me, it was a choice between non organic cloth dipes and disposable ones. Cloth won out but I was still able to find a few good deals on organic cloth ones. I was less choosy about clothes though. If I could do it again I would look for more organic sleepers and blankets as they spend so much time in them as infants.

Since babies put almost everything they can get their hands on in their mouths. Choosing natural products here is also relatively important. Remember though that, babies do not need an entire toy store to amuse them a few toys will do.

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