Three Steps to a Perfect Newborn Portrait Session

new born portrait

If you have a new baby in your family, congratulations! Now is a time to cherish and celebrate. Children grow up so fast, which is why documenting a baby’s infancy is so important and precious. One great way to do this is with baby photography. Professional portraits of your little one can convey any mood or aesthetic you want and give you something to treasure throughout your own and your child’s life.
Interested in getting some newborn photography done? Here are three steps to make sure your session goes optimally.

1) Figure Out Who Will Be Involved

This may seem obvious, but consider who will be present at the photo shoot. Of course you want your newborn in the pictures, but will he or she be the sole subject? Perhaps you want other family members, like siblings, parents, grandparents or cousins, in the photos as well. Considering who will be in the pictures is important because it can completely alter the kind of mood achieved.

2) Plan Clothing & Theme

Once you know whom the portrait’s subjects are going to be, you will want to think long and hard about the clothing and theme you’re looking for.

There are some simple guidelines for clothing, although you can really do whatever your heart desires. For one thing, you may want to dress anyone who is participating in similar colors, because it will lend a nice sense of cohesion to the pictures.

If your child is getting pictures taken around a certain holiday or during a particular season, it can be a good idea to dress him/her in corresponding colors. Pastels can be lovely for springtime and Easter, while red and green or blue and white can be wonderful choices for Christmas or Hanukkah.

Perhaps you want to have effects applied to your pictures, like sepia tone or black and white, which will make clothing colors less important. These are all things to consider. Remember, you can always get ideas from the photography studio if you need assistance.

3) Schedule Your Photography Session

You can go online to find a photography studio, such as Picture People, near your home. Most websites have tools that allow you to type in your state or zip code to find the locations nearest you.

When it comes time for your photography session, there are a few more things to think about. Newborns can be finicky about food, sleep and comfort. Consider your baby’s schedule before choosing a time and date for your photos. Choose a time after your child has been fed and when he or she is freshly awake from a nap. This may increase the chances that he or she will be cooperative with photographers. Consider bringing comfort items like blankets, bottles and/or favorite toys to keep your child happy.

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