The History of Slime

The History of Slime

A brief history about why slime became a thing

When did slime become a thing? Well, I’m sure many people will say either the 90s or the 2000s, but that’s not true. Slime has been a thing for as long as there’s been school and kids. Gathering all your little friends around to make some goo, oh yeah!

In 2017, slime exploded in popularity. Hundreds of businesses popped up overnight that sold slime kits, and YouTube was flooded with slime videos. People were going crazy over this goop. Why? How did it all start?

A decade ago, a popular Youtuber started making slime recipes and posting clips of him playing with the goop. It wasn’t until the birth of slime that the trend started to pick up steam. By 2017, the world vaulted overhead was covered in globs of goo.

In 1976, mad scientist Kathy Wolfe stumbled upon a recipe for homemade slime. Over the years, her formula has been tinkered with and refined. In 2017, an unknown homemaker was trying out a “no-cook” recipe when she realized she could use cornstarch instead of glue! This was the turning point in the evolution of slime. What started as a green blob quickly evolved into many other colors and variations, including colored glitter slime, clear slime, and puffy monster slime

The Original Slime

Slime started as a way for kids to entertain themselves. But when it exploded in popularity, people just couldn’t stop making and watching it.

Slime is born by accident. A toy factory produces gooey foam balls that happen to be really fun to play with. It all started when a mom decided to create a sensory activity for her daughters. The slime was such a hit that she started selling the slime kits on Etsy, which kicked off the slime craze.

The birth of slime wasn’t in a lab, it was here on YouTube. A kid who came up with adorable slime recipes for fun found that other kids loved his videos. This launched an entire industry built around creating and selling products that are sold around the world.

In mid-2017, a kid by the name of Zack got some glue from his mom and started experimenting with it. He was home alone and decided to pour some glue into a bowl, texture it, and add food coloring. To his surprise, the slime held its texture. He kept adding more ingredients to it until he got the perfect slime consistency. He uploaded a video on Facebook showing off his first-ever slime recipe and soon after he revised the recipe and added cool items like glitter and confetti.

The slime craze is finally cooling down, and now it’s time to cash in on the 2021 trend in slime.

For years, scientists and developers have been experimenting with polymers to create an amazing goop-like substance. It wasn’t until recently that they were able to make a safe, semi-solid slime using natural ingredients. Slime is the result of this research and development.

Where will Slime be in the next 5 years?

Will they go bankrupt? Or maybe they will diversify their product line and introduce new variations of their slime. Whatever happens in the future make sure you have your share before it’s too late.

I think it could be bigger than it ever was before. What does everyone want? A slime empire. Can you imagine if there was a slime empire with unicorns everywhere.