Safely Call in the Pest Control Guys Even if You Have a Baby at Home

Pest Control

It is the peak of summer and you know what that means – an onslaught from your friendly neighborhood pests. As the mercury soars, the insects get restless and usually come out in large numbers to trouble us in our homes. The obvious and exigent thing to do when dealing with a serious infestation is to call pest control. However, if you have an infant in your home, do you think it would be a safe proposition to call a pest control company? There is a possibility you might run the risk of exposing your infant to harmful chemicals during the fumigation process.

There is no cause for concern however as chemical pest control is a thing of the past. Most pest control companies today have adopted environmentally friendly techniques to exterminate the menace of pests from our homes. These methods strictly abide by the regulations laid down by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has prohibited the use of harmful pesticides such as DDT by pest control companies.

Apart from the regulations that have been imposed it has been found that the use of conventional pesticides such as DDT have proven to be ineffective in combating resilient pests such as bed bugs and other parasites. These insects have developed a certain amount of immunity towards these chemicals and advanced research has proven that in fact certain species of insects tend to proliferate despite the presence of pesticides in a given environment. Hence, most pest control companies today are beginning to use techniques such as biological pest control, and other non-toxic methods, which guarantee the complete safety of your child.

Biological pest control is one of the most popular techniques today. This is used for larger pests such as rats and mice. Pest control companies employ the use of predatory techniques where a cat or another animal is introduced into the pest environment to get rid of the creatures. This is an absolutely safe and effective technique where no chemicals are used.

Other non-toxic pest control measures include setting up traps around the home and by using sprays made out of plant and fruit extracts, which are perfectly safe and healthy for your infant. In addition, the use of non-toxic repellents such as pellets, are used to combat smaller pests such as ants and roaches. The pellets are placed around the places that are inaccessible to your child or infant.

Neutral substances such as rubbing alcohol are also used by pest control companies these days as an effective bed bug treatment. This is done by spraying only the affected area using an aerosol and is a very effective and safe method to cleanse a bed bug infestation.

If you have an infestation plaguing your living space, you can safely call your local pest control company. Apart from effectively getting rid of the infestation, most pest control companies today lay a great deal of emphasis on child safety and are committed to using non-toxic, environmentally friendly techniques that ensure the health and well being of your home.


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