Natural Remedies that Help Children Sleep Better

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As is the case with other herbal health remedies, there is little or no clinical testing that is done on these natural sleep aids for children. Most of these are just home remedies passed down through generations, although their effects on a child’s wellness have not been scientifically investigated.

Here are some of the most common natural sleep aids for children:

  • California poppy induces sleep and eases anxiety and pain.
  • Chamomile tea is a gentle sleep aid that also helps in soothing upset stomachs and nausea.
  • Passion flower helps those who are unable to sleep due to anxiety, muscular conditions or pain.
  • Valerian root is the most common of natural sleep aids for children and is taken as a tea.
  • Herbs are normally considered to be harmless. However, natural sleep aids for children should be administered with caution. If your child is taking any kind of pharmaceutical drug, you should first consult with your child’s doctor to see if this may pose any danger to your youngster’s wellbeing.

Here are some things that you can do to help your child sleep better at night.

  • Help your child develop a routine as bedtime draws nearer. It may be the time after having dinner or a bath. Other situations include changing into comfortable pajamas, reading a bedtime story, tucking your child into bed and turning off the lights. A routine will always send a signal that bedtime is near and the child will subconsciously prepare for it.
  • Do not allow your child to engage in computer games, rough and tumble games and watching television before retiring to bed. Over stimulating the brain when it should be shutting down will affect the child’s sleep pattern and his/her overall health.
  • Your child’s sleep can also be affected by the foods he/she consumes. Do not allow your child to consume stimulants such as caffeine, soda, candy and tea (with the exception of herbal tea) before going to bed. A glass of warm milk is an ideal substitute for such stimulants. Warm milk also serves as a natural sleeping aid for children.
  • If your child is afraid of the dark, then use a dim light such as a lava lamp to help the child feel secure.
  • Seek professional help for your child if the sleep disorders become serious. Discipline or behavioral problems that affect the child’s sleep should be handled by a counselor or child psychologist.

Implementing these sleeping practices along with administering the aforementioned herbal health remedies will assist your child in having a better night’s rest.

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