Is Breast Feeding Right for You?

Breast Feeding

Deciding if breast feeding is right is not a simple question with one answer fits all women, it is one however that only you can answer. Some women are able to breastfeed with no problems whereas other women have problems with their baby being able to nurse. This question is one where the more information you have the better you will find the answer, so find out information from your doctor if he or she thinks there will be any problems with breastfeeding.

Most women are happy to breastfeed but there are some who have problems with their milk coming in or having the baby unable to thrive on it when it does come in. Mothers who have HiV, TB, or in addiction to drugs or alcohol should not breastfeed because the disease or drugs can be passed through the milk into the baby. That is when women usually decide that it is not for them, from a medical standpoint. There are other considerations then medical reasons why to breastfeed or not, these include the impact on a career; choice of the mother based on convenience or health and the expense of not breastfeeding because buying formula is expensive. One reason why a mother may not breastfeed is if she has given birth to twins or triplets.

Best Nutrient : Breast Feeding

The basis of deciding to breastfeed can be for reasons of tradition and to provide the best nutrients for the baby, because the mother’s milk is full of antibodies and nutrients and is easily digested by the baby. In other societies and cultures, there is no question as to breastfeed or not, it is customarily done as part of having a baby and raising a child. In many of the western countries, the breastfeeding is more of a choice, yet every individual mother makes this decision, one way or another. If you do breastfeed your baby, it is recommended to do so for at least the first six months, many mothers do so for longer. In some societies children are breastfed until the age of two or three.

Socially, in the business world, nursing mothers are not as accepted as they could be by employers and prospective employees. This could be for a number of reasons such as a concern for productivity and the influence of traditional values of motherhood. Some nursing mothers can work from home while they are spending that precious bonding time with their child. Studies have shown that nursing mothers have less chance of bone loss later in life and less chance of certain types of cancer developing. Legally, breastfeeding is considered a privacy issue, with rights under the law. The choice is up to the mother but it is generally recommended to breastfeed your baby, if at all possible.

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