How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

My kids are at that age where they are old enough to want to access the internet, but young enough not to have their own PCs or smartphones. I worry about them getting sucked into a pit of inappropriate websites and sinister contacts. To stay safe on the internet, you need to be aware of how it works, and take some basic precautions, as do your children. It is a hard world out there, but it is even harder when you just try to keep your kids and yourself safe online. Here are some tips on how to be safer while on the internet.

By the time your kids are online, they’ll have already been safe. That means their offline habits are good. And by the time they get to be ten or older, they’ll be smart enough to stay out of trouble. The key is to keep them offline until they can be trusted to use them safely.

Today most kids use the Internet, social networks and mobile phones more than ever before. But many parents – even those who might be expected to know a thing or two about technology – are struggling to stay ahead of the game. On one side, you have your kids – spending more and more time online, interacting with strangers and creating their online identity; on the other hand, you have the huge number of security issues and threats that surround them at every corner.

It sometimes seems that the safest, happiest days of childhood are long past. Today’s kids must constantly contend with threats from within and without. The Internet is a near-universal medium for bad news, hate speech, bullying, scams and the like. Traditional child predators, now joined by cyber predators, spy on or trick kids into compromising themselves or their friends. With the youth crime rate on the rise, parents are investing in child safety products to monitor their children’s true whereabouts and prevent unexpected dangers that arise. They want to electronically monitor them as they grow up alongside their children’s fast-developing technologies, so that they can develop and maintain a closer relationship with their kids.

It is our mission to provide parents with tools and resources to help them protect their kids from the dangers of the internet and real life. We want to give parents an easier way to set restrictions on their kid’s devices when they cannot be there. Our goal is to create the safest, happiest days of childhood by restoring the innocence and joy that often fades away. This is not a natural process, it requires hard work, dedication, commitment, love, patience, and yes… even fun!

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