Helping Your Toddler Learn About Math

teach toddler math

The parent is usually very rapid to help their child to learn their A,B,C’s, as well as to help them with rudimentary reading skills. These same parents who begin to teach the child early on how to be a reader and a writer, tend to forget another very important skill that goes hand in hand with assuring that the child is successful and happy in school.

The parent who is the fastest to help the little one read, tends to take a step back when it comes to teaching that same bright little sponge their math skills. These skills are typically a necessity, but many of us don’t feel qualified to teach them to children,because math was a subject that we may not have felt overly confident in tackling when we ourselves were younger.

For most parents, particularly the females, math was not a subject they really liked or enjoyed. This kind of an attitude about arithmetic is sometimes passed along inadvertently to our kids, who will also feel ill at ease with numbers. Teaching a child math as a toddler gives them an infinite head start over many other kids.

If you spend just a little time proffering the most basic of math skills to your kids prior to their going to school, you’ve given them a vast head start on the things they will need to learn. Getting yourself set to teach basic math is very much the same as teaching English or reading, it is simply approached with a different attitude.

The math problems that you’re going to teach toddlers involve a greater level of verbal interaction than math will when your child is older. Teaching your child to count, to add small numbers and to figure out small subtraction is by and large simply memorization, much as teaching reading will be. Your child learns the meaning of numbers by hearing the word, and seeing one apple, or two apples, so that they begin to take away that meaning, in just the same way they have done by hearing the letter and then seeing it.

Math will come to your smaller child very readily. This holds true of most children when they are exposed to numbers as soon as they are to letters. Female children generally don’t care for math as a rule, but it has been found that when those same little girls began to be exposed to numbers when they were very small, they are far more comfortable with it and that may of them will grow to use it in daily careers because of a head start they received at home from parents.

Giving your kids a head start in all subjects including the maths and sciences is as important as helping them to learn to read before they attend school. Every edge that you can give your child, including a love of learning will help them to grow and to develop far more readily.

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