Five reasons to feed your baby health food

baby health food

Health shop products, organic options and the green movement are by no means new or foreign concepts to most people these days, but it seems the world is still divided when it comes to many of the pros and cons involving green living versus mainstream ideals. At the end of the day, it’s up to everyone to make up their own minds however, when considering what your children are eating; here are some points to ponder…

1. Lose the toxins

Eating a predominantly organic diet reduces the amounts of toxic chemicals we ingest on a daily basis. Over times these toxins build up due to chemical residues, and children are more susceptible to these than adults are. By choosing to feed your children nutritious health foods that are organic, locally grown and free of excess toxins, you can ensure they get the best they deserve.

2. Vitamin power

We all need them to stay healthy, children more so, especially during their formative years. While the nutritional value of organic foods has not been shown to be vastly different from that of mainstream food, there is something to be said for the way in which it is produced. Further studies need to be done in the organic food arena to determine the nutritional benefits, but until then it wouldn’t hurt to introduce products you know to be free of harmful chemicals into your child’s diet.

3. Avoid the genetically modified debate

If you feed your child organically grown produce, you’ll be avoiding the GMO arena completely. While GMO foods are a huge part of the food industry, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it and many tests have suggested that the consumption of GMO foods may significantly contribute to children developing allergies.

4. Less additives

We’ve all heard the MSG debate and how certain colourants can cause children to suffer allergic reactions and hyperactivity. If you choose to feed them predominantly organic and natural health foods, you will not have this problem. Many ingredients commonly found in your usual children’s sweet packet have been linked to a host of illnesses and often, ingredients banned in one country often aren’t in another, which means you never really know if what you’re feeding your child is acceptable.

5. Avoid bad reactions

Some products formulated for babies contain so many chemicals it would make your head spin. It can take more than 200 different chemicals to formulate the ‘fragrance’ you so often find in baby products. There isn’t enough research to indicate what these chemicals can do to young infants with prolonged exposure, so instead of taking the chance choose a gentle, chemical free product instead.

While the green movement may be labeled as overly paranoid and critical of the world at large, there is no crime in being a bit more discerning of what you choose to expose your children to. If you’re unsure what to buy, visit your local health shop. Products are coming onto the market every day that are kinder to the earth, animals and humans alike.

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