Everything You Need for Baby’s Arrival

babys arrival

You’ve reached a very exciting point in your life – you’re about to have a baby! It can also be a bit stressful and tiring, so preparing well in advance for your baby’s arrival is key if you’re to settle down comfortably.

There will be a fair amount of things to buy, but perhaps not as much as you might have first thought. There’s a great deal you don’t even need to think about just yet, for example highchairs or equipment for food other than milk. Just remember that there’s a lot you can probably find second-hand, especially clothing.

Things you’ll need ready:


Don’t go overboard with clothes – your baby will be growing very quickly, so just stick to the following:

Baby Gros – Get a few of these so that while others are in the wash or drying, you can keep baby in a clean one

Cardigans – Buy two of these, for Baby to wear over the top of a Baby Gro if it’s cold

Basic vests – They will also need vests under the baby gro if it’s very cold

Tops with Poppers – Very useful for quick changes

A small hat



Nappies – Newborn babies need their nappys changed at least 10 times every day (often it will be more), so get yourself a big stash of them

Bedding, Changing & Towels:

This varies depending on your chosen way for baby to sleep. You can keep them in a carrycot at least to start with, and then get a moses basket and a cot.

Mattress – this will be to fit the moses basket and/or cot

Cot sheets

Cellular blankets – provides lightweight warmth by trapping more air with a special weave structure


Small, soft towels

Changing mat

Changing station – this saves your back when constantly changing nappies

Large Equipment:

Baby will only need a carrycot from a pram to sleep in, to start with. This makes it easy for you to keep baby with you at all times. Later on, you can buy a cot.

Pram or pushchair which can lie flat. This keeps baby’s back protected while it’s growing

Rear Facing Car Seat – Absolutely essential if you’re taking your baby home from hospital in the car. You can get one to double as a carrycot, or one that fixes to a pushchair frame.

Large washing up bowl for bathing

Sterilising Equipment (if bottle feeding)

Small Equipment:



Bottle brushes

Breast pump (if breastfeeding)

Nursing bras (if breastfeeding)

Breast pads (if breastfeeding)

Mild baby bath liquid

Baby wipes for nappy changing

Listening monitor

Thermometer – essential to check the room temperature is just right

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