DIY Baby Food: Save Money and Increase Nutrition

diy baby food

Have you given any consideration to making your own baby food at home? You may have hesitated due to uncertainty, but it is easy to create healthy, nutritious meals for your infant in your own kitchen. Babies are typically ready to begin eating mashed, solid foods between four and six months of age. It is best to introduce foods slowly, allowing four days to seven days between each new food addition. This allows you to monitor your infant for allergic reactions such as indigestion, diarrhea and rash. Creating your own baby foods may reduce the risk of reactions and provide more complete nutrition than commercial products found in a jar.

Making your own baby food is easy

Do not be overwhelmed at the idea of making baby food. The concept is simple: select fresh ingredients, cook them without adding fat or leeching nutrition, and process the food to a mushy texture. For early foods, vegetables should be steamed gently, and fruits need only to be mashed. If you already own a food processor, there is no need to run out and purchase any special equipment. A food processor is a quick, easy way to turn fresh fruits and vegetables to a pulp. Food mills are designed to press foods through a fine sieve. These hand-operated machines are great for parents looking for an inexpensive way to create baby food.

Homemade baby food is more nutritious

Commercial baby food contains added fat, sugars, salt, fillers and preservatives that may be inappropriate for your baby’s diet. Homemade baby food is additive-free. Because you make the choice of which ingredients go into your baby’s homemade food, you will be sure of everything that goes into her body. A milled or processed banana makes a delicious snack for baby without the added preservative acids found in commercial baby food bananas.

It is less expensive to make your own baby food

Baby food in a jar is outrageously expensive. The ingredients within the packaging cost nothing near the price you are expected to pay. Manufacturers bring in large profits from baby food sales. A single apple may cost around $0.60, and you may get two or three servings from it. Allowing for preparation and refrigeration costs, your price for three servings may increase to $0.73. The same three servings cost over $1.50 in baby food jars. Making your own baby food is a terrific way to save money as your baby grows. It may be a good idea, however, to browse the baby food section of your grocery store to get ideas about food blends. Once you establish that your baby will have no reaction to a number of foods, it is safe to begin feeding them to him in various blends.

Homemade baby food satisfies you and baby

Homemade baby food tastes much better than commercial products. Purchase a single jar and compare the difference for yourself. Your homemade food will have more vibrant flavor and a better texture than anything you can find on sale in the grocery store. Knowing that you have provided a delicious, healthy meal for your child at a fraction of the cost can give you such a sense of satisfaction and pride that there is no reason not to try.

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