Deficiency Of Vitamin D And Its Effect On Mother And Child

Vitamin D

There are some foods that are a natural source of this vitamin. Some of these are egg yolks, fish, liver and fortified milk. Vitamin D associates with other forms of vitamins and minerals to ensure the proper growth of the bones. Vitamin D also helps in the absorption of bodily nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. Many people are of the opinion that only the consumption of calcium will make their bones healthy. This is a misconception, since there are quite a number of biological components involved in the development of our bones.

Some recent studies that were conducted in Europe indicated that the bone mineral content of a child is directly dependent on the content of Vitamin D in the body of the mother. This clearly means that if an expecting mother does not suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and has optimum levels of this vitamin in it, the child will have a greater amount of bone mineral content when he or she starts growing older. This study was done on children who were in their ninth year and whose mothers had consumed vitamin D during the time of pregnancy. The level of bone mineral density found in these children was relatively more.

Some few years back, research done on the health of bones proved that the intake of vitamin D minimizes the chance of people having fractures. Fractures are a result of weakened bones, and there are some diseases, like osteoporosis which makes the bone become weak and thin. This shows that Vitamin D provides strength to our bones. However, latest research has shown that Vitamin D can also strengthen the bones of the child if an expecting mother consumes supplements containing Vitamin D.

Studies have also indicated the development of the intrauterine and early postnatal systems contribute to the addition of the bone mineral content. This may not be immediate, but may happen at some later stage in life. All these also influence the chances of occurrence of osteoporosis. It is also these studies that suggest those women who are pregnant or those who are elderly suffer from the deficiency symptoms and results of vitamin D deficiency.

Researchers have showed that people who are exposed to the natural sunlight everyday have very few chances of having Vitamin D deficiency. However, the risk of having cancer of the skin due to over exposure to the sun prevents many people to use the benefits of sunlight exposure. Insufficient exposure to the sun further results in limiting the production of Vitamin D in the body, and this gives rise to the symptoms related to the deficiency of the hormone.

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