5 Tips to Make Potty Training Your Child Easy

baby potty training

Potty training your child can be a difficult and stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can make the experience a little bit easier by following these simple tips.


  • Start When Your Child is Ready.  Instead of deciding that your child should be trained at a certain age, start training when your child shows an interest.  This will make the process easier and less stressful for both of you.


  • Reward Your Child’s Successes.  When your child goes potty, you can reward her with stickers, trinkets, or even pieces of candy.  Allowing your child to pick out the potty prizes can really be a big encouragement.


  • Prepare Your Child For the Process.  Nowadays, there are DVD’s,

books, and even websites that explain the process in kid friendly terms. My son loves Elmo’s Potty Training DVD and played it often when he was training.  I learned one important thing from this:  discreetly encourage your child to pick a DVD that you find minimally irritating as you will be watching it quite a bit.


  • Don’t Compare Your Child With Others.  Refrain from comparing your child to other children and getting worried or upset when “Little Johnny” hasn’t been trained when your friends child was over the process months ago. Johnny isn’t your friend’s child.


Ÿ  Don’t Get Angry Over Mishaps.  There are bound to be a few bumps in the road during the potty training process.  Of course, it is understandable to be upset or frustrated when things don’t go so well, but it is important to not take your anger or frustration out on your child.



Potty Training Is A Process


It is very important to remember that potty training is a process.  It is not something that is achieved in a day or even a weekend. In fact, he entire process can take anywhere from two to 6 months.  Of course, even after you think that your child has been trained, you might have to deal with accidents or other mishaps.


Expect Some Setbacks


Events like the birth of a new baby, a death in the family, or even a vacation can cause your child to regress in their potty training abilities.  Do not become alarmed or upset if this happens to your child as it is quite common.  Instead, just continue on with the potty training process.




I remember very vividly how I struggled to train my youngest daughter.  She simply refused to use the potty until she was 4 years old!  I was so concerned that I consulted with our pediatrician who consoled me with this sage advice “No one ever went to kindergarten in diapers.  Relax.”

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