The Ergo Baby Carrier: The Best and Safest Way to Carry a Baby

The Ergo baby carrier can be used in front or back and I have read reviews by people saying how easy it is on your back.  No straining and pulling, and it’s actually very comfortable to wear as well.  When it comes to safety the Ergo baby carrier has got you covered as well.  It’s patent design has made it safe for just about anyone to use it.   Because you are holding the baby close to you chest when wearing it in front, it has been said to help calm your baby down more.

It Helps Your Get More Work Done

All this, and it helps you to get things down around the house.  When you are carrying a baby without a carrier it can be precarious and dangerous.  It’s easy to either drop the baby or let him/her slip or be held in a strange and uncomfortable position while you are trying to reach for something.  With the Ergo baby carrier, you can be more productive as you move around the house getting things done and knowing that your baby is nice and safe.  If you are looking for a cheap baby carrier it will not have all of the safety features this one has so be forewarned.

No Back Pain with the Ergo Baby Carrier

Even your husband can use this carrier and he will not complain about back pain or neck pain, or at least he shouldn’t from the rave reviews I have seen about how great this is for people with bad backs.

Your Baby Will Be Comfy too

Also, you baby’s comfort is also important.  Unlike some baby carriers that hold your baby by the crotch and make it very uncomfortable besides causing some painful rashes, the Ergo baby carrier displaces the weight across your baby’s entire bottom so it’s like sitting on a cushion of air.


This carrier can actually be worn 3 different ways: on your back, on your front, or on your side.  And the process is easy to follow too.  You just connect the waist belt, snap in the shoulder straps, and then connect the chest straps and you are done.  Oh yeah, then put in the baby… THEN you are done.

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