Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Baby Shower

A baby shower is a festive happy occasion and you always want your table or tables to have a nice centerpiece. If you know the sex of the baby, then I would recommend creating a centerpiece with either pink or blue. However, if yo don’t know the gender of the baby and you can always use a neutral color (i.e. yellow), or a combination of both (pink and blue). There are several easy ideas you can use to make the perfect baby shower centerpiece:

1. Floral / Plants – One of the easiest ones to use is a floral arrangement or plant for the centerpiece. You can purchase fresh flowers at your local grocery store and arrange them in a pretty basket. If arranging flowers doesn’t come easy for you, purchase a pretty plant and tie a stuffed animal to it with a pretty ribbon.

I once attended a shower where the host took a sweet beanie baby and tied it to a potted plant with a pretty ribbon – it looked great.

2. Balloons – If you are on a strict budget, balloons are always an inexpensive option and always make a good centerpiece. Tie the balloons to a colored weight and be sure that the strings are long enough not to block the view for those sitting at the table. You can also purchase some ‘It’s a boy’ or ‘It’s a girl’ colored confetti to place on the table.

3. Gift Baskets – If you have a guest who is planning to bring a basket filled with items for the new baby – why not display it as the table centerpiece! Or, pick up a cute basket at the local dollar store, and fill it with a variety of baby needs (diapers, soft blankets, bottles, pacifiers, etc).

At a shower I attended recently, the host used a baby bathtub – wrapped individual gifts and placed them in the tub, blew up mini blue balloons (to look like bubbles) and topped it with a rubber duckie. This was a real hit at the shower!

4. Diaper Cakes – These are all the rage for baby showers! Although these are called cakes, they are not edible. The cakes come in a variety of themes, colors, sizes and can are filled with practical items for the new baby. They can even be personalized!

5. Other – Here are some additional ideas that are easy to implement:

  • Put Votive candles in baby jars
  • Lamps – to match the theme of the room – take out of the box and use as the centerpiece
  • Use pacifiers as napkin rings ; use cloth diapers as place-mats

I hope these ideas are helpful! As you can see – it is really easy to create an inexpensive yet lovely centerpiece for the baby shower.

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