15 Ways To Celebrate That Special 1st Birthday

First Birthday

After the birth and the hard work, sleepless nights and exhaustion, comes a really exciting event. Baby’s first birthday!

You will want to celebrate; but remember that the baby won’t know what all the fuss is about and may be grumpy with a change of routine, and also frightened by too many people and too much noise. So what to do to mark this special day?

1. Take a photo of your baby on the morning of the birthday and repeat this on each birthday to keep as a wonderful memento.

2. Have a tea party with just family and close friends and keep it short, a couple of hours will be fine. Keep the food simple too so that you can enjoy the party yourself.

3. Themed party-ware and decorations are fine if kept simple. This will make your job easier, as will a paper tablecloth. Gather all the debris up at the end of the meal and bin the lot. Simples!

4. Everyone loves birthday cake so bake one yourself, or buy one but don’t go overboard as it often gets wasted.

5 Photographs are a great idea and candid shots are a wonderful way of capturing the day. These can then be shared with other friends and relatives on social networking sites.

6. Keep the presents simple too; babies are likely to be more interested in the packaging than the gift inside!

7. If there are older children at the party, think ahead of activities to keep them happy. Colouring books and crayons; a DVD; simple board games etc will ensure they don’t get bored.

8. If the party is just for you and older children you can involve them in making the decorations and helping with the food. All kids love cooking!

9. A trip to the park is a great way to enjoy the day and let everyone get some fresh air and exercise. Your baby might even have a little nap on the way!

10. Have a picnic if the time of year is right; lots of space for everyone to have fun and no mess in the house either.

11. You could have the party at a family orientated venue where everything is organised and done for you. Less personal but more practical!

12. Take a family trip to one of the many family theme parks or play centres where there is an area especially for babies and toddlers.

13. Visit the local swimming baths. Many of them have baby pools and different child based areas. This is a lot of fun, as babies love splashing about in water.

14. Push the boat out you by combining the birthday with a family holiday; as simple or as fancy as you like.

15. As the baby is too young to know what is going on you might like to have an adult party/barbeque to celebrate after the baby is in bed. Naughty but nice!

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